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Location Sender

4.3 ( 6973 ratings )
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Utvecklare: Christian Fraunholz
2.99 USD

With Location Sender you can show your actual position just by one click to your friends. Every person who has permission can see this position by one click too.

The program sends the actual position (latitude, longitude, altitude and accuracy) to the web. This one can be shown online to other users or to another iPhone user and can be protected by a password.

Like all iPhone applications Location Sender cant run in the background and stops sending when you quit it.

Read the first iTunes review from Will Trobaugh, Senior Instructor for Computer Science at the University of Colorado Denver:
"Location Sender provides a very handy way to display your current location on a website. The app will gather your current GPS, then upload it to the website of your choice where it is displayed as a Google map. You have a choice of automatically generating the required pages for displaying the map, or creating a custom page that you can edit with your own XHTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, etc. The app also has a distance feature that can automatically send new positions when you move.

Support for this app is very good. The developer is very helpful and responds quickly."